Resident Testimonials

"I commend the Therapy Department Manager, Ryan, because he goes above and beyond daily! He is such a hard worker and is dedicated to his patients. It's nice to go to therapy and be encouraged to do the best possible, all the while, keeping a positive attitude and wanting you to succeed with your goals. When I finish therapy, I always go to activities and we get together and have the best time! We laugh, sing, dance, paint, play games, and much more. This is the place to be if you want to find happiness!"

Marsha S., Resident

"I can sincerely say that this place has changed my life and made such a big difference for the better because it has come full circle. I am able to touch so many other lives here and the people here are like my family. Staff here communicate and work together better than I have ever seen in my lifetime. Also, our volunteers are worthy of mentioning. I have witnessed so many lives being touched here that it is heartwarming. I love that people take time out to come here and devote time to us, in addition to our hard working staff."

Jannie H., Resident

"I was truly in bad shape when I came here and I needed help in the worst way. I couldn't even walk, I could barely eat, and was too weak to even sit up. By the time I left I had life in me again. I am thankful that I was able to be rehabilitated. I made so many new friends, and they played a big part with encouraging me to get up and eat, to go to activities, and work hard in therapy. Now, I visit as often as I can since I am rehabilitated, and I know exactly where to come should I ever need help again. I sincerely thank you!"

Roger L., Former Resident

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